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Patrick Mahomes has arrived at the stadium and is looking rather dapper in a plaid jacket.

Patrick Mahomes arrives at the stadium
Patrick Mahomes arrives at the stadium. Photograph: Michael Chow/USA Today Sports

His opposite number, Jalen Hurts, is also at the stadium but has gone for the more casual look. But has really gone for it on the headphones front.

Jalen Hurts: ready for action
Jalen Hurts: ready for action. Photograph: Michael Chow/USA Today Sports

Interestingly enough, UFOs are trending on Twitter above the Super Bowl in the US right now due to some kind of activity above the Great Lakes. We spent a lot of money commissioning previews for this year’s game so the Guardian’s asking for its money back from Mars if they decided to invade during the game. Afterwards is fine.

Hello! And welcome to our coverage of Super Bowl LVII or, for non-ancient Roman readers, Super Bowl 57. Or Chiefs v Eagles if you prefer that. Or Jalen Hurts v Patrick Mahomes if you’re a quarterback fan. Or Rick Lovato v James Winchester if you have something for long snappers (plenty of people to do).

A little bit of breaking news out of Arizona. Chiefs coach Andy Reid has hinted he may retire after today’s game.

“I’m not getting any younger,” Fox’s Jay Glazer said Reid told him. “I still have a young quarterback. I have a decision I have to make after this game.”

Reid is 64 and, if the Chiefs win today, he’ll have two NFL championships and 41 years of top-level coaching under his belt. On the other hand, he’s coaching Patrick Mahomes, which makes the job a little easier.

Tom will be here shortly. In the meantime, here are Guardian writers’ predictions for today’s game.

Chiefs 23-20 Eagles. On paper, Philly are the better team. That offensive line is just so strong, and they will have success establishing the run to control the clock early on. But close games are decided by the moments when everything goes off script, and who manages those better than Mahomes? It’s not just about him, either. Are we yet ready to put Sirianni above Reid, who has given Kansas City one of the best decades of any team in NFL history? Nicky Bandini

Eagles 34-28 Chiefs. Philadelphia top Kansas City in almost every department. They have the best offensive line in the NFL by some distance. They have the best, most effective defensive front. Front to back, they have the best defense in the league. Mahomes is still battling a high ankle sprain. The Chiefs receiving corps is depleted. And they’re playing a historic number of rookies on defense. All signs point to the Eagles running over an undermanned KC side. But the Chiefs have the best quarterback in the game, playing at the apex of his powers. The Eagles should win, but Mahomes, Kelce and Jones will keep it close. Oliver Connolly

Eagles 29-24 Chiefs. The Chiefs are going to score touchdowns in this game, that’s the only prediction here that this writer is 100% confident about. The Eagles, however, have been the most complete team all regular season and have plowed their way through the competition in the postseason. If this game hinges on a handful of mistakes, it feels like the Eagles are the team best qualified to turn those into points. That may well be the difference in a Super Bowl that should go down to the wire. Hunter Felt

Eagles 33-16 Chiefs. Philadelphia have the NFL’s best offensive line and the best defensive line. They have been the deepest and most complete team across the board all season and they’re the healthier side entering Sunday’s game. And yet somehow the experts are still underestimating them: the Chiefs were installed as two-and-a-half-point favorites before the public spoke with their wallets, swinging the line in the Eagles’ direction within 15 minutes. As long as the ankle holds up, Mahomes’ routine incandescence paired with one of the sport’s best ever game-planners in Reid will keep the outcome in doubt until the championship rounds, where the body blows will mount and the Eagles’ class will tell. Bryan Graham

Eagles 31-22 Chiefs. The Eagles are better and deeper across almost every unit. Offensive line? Check. Receiving corps? Running game? Secondary? Check. Check. Check. The Chiefs, of course, boast the best quarterback in the game, not to mention the best tight end. But with Mahomes three weeks removed from a high ankle sprain, his receivers banged up and an inexperienced corner group, the Eagles have more viable lanes where they can prevail. Melissa Jacobs

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