Shibarium Beta? Lead Shiba Inu (SHIB) Dev Hints He About to Finish Current Task: Details

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Yuri Molchan

Shytoshi Kusama has changed his Twitter bio status and provoked new wave of Shibarium launch expectations


Shiba Inu enthusiast KURO SHIBARMY JPN (@kuro_9696_9696) has drawn attention to the fact that the leader of Shiba Inu developers Shytoshi Kusama has again dropped a hint, and it might be related to the long-awaited launch of Shibarium.

He changed his Twitter bio to the symbol that has been recently widely discussed as it was similar to that tweeted by Elon Musk — a “dot.”

Another hint on Shibarium release?

The aforementioned SHIB fan assumed that the pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama uses this symbol to let the community know that one of the tasks he is working on is about to be finished. As in “period,” or “end.” A fair question that @kuro_9696_9696 asked himself is whether this means that Kusama spreads the word that it is now time to get down to the Shibarium beta release — a Layer-2 protocol for Ethereum to be used on the Shiba Inu network for faster and cheaper transactions, dApps, smart contracts, NFTs, staking and so on.

Last weekend, Kusama hinted that the rollout would take place “next week,” and the community has been expecting it, making bets on whether the Shibarium beta will be launched before the end of Sunday. To support his confirmation, the lead developer of Shiba Inu and the only person at the steering wheel after Ryoshi went under the radar, Kusama, changed his Twitter bio status to a message that contained a fire emoji and stated: “on schedule.”

Elon Musk and Shytoshi Kusama

Now, he has changed this to a “dot” or “period” symbol. Just recently Elon Musk posted this symbol on his Twitter handle as well to measure a Twitter algorithm related to engagement. Shytoshi Kusama was the first who responded to Musk’s tweet immediately. This led some in the SHIB army to believe that Shytoshi Kusama and Twitter boss Elon Musk might be the same person.

Earlier this month, Shytoshi published two Medium articles, inviting the global community to Shibarium and telling the world about its purpose, basic values and more.

In the run-up to the long-expected launch of the Layer-2 solution, the main tokens that will be used on it — BONE, PAW, LEASH — have been making substantial price rises as they have been added by major exchanges around the globe. This includes Huobi and

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