Select Tesla Supercharger Stations in US Now Open to Non-Tesla EVs


Tesla has officially begun allowing non-Tesla electric vehicles to fuel up at some Supercharger stations in the US.

Since Tesla announced Tuesday afternoon that select Superchargers in the US are open to other EVs, drivers in California, Texas and other states have uploaded social media posts of themselves using the company’s “Magic Dock” to charge up their non-Tesla vehicles.

Payment is made on the carmaker’s app. Non-Tesla drivers can either pay as they go or sign up for a monthly $13 membership. Subscribers get a discounted rate, though it’s still higher than what Tesla owners pay.

That’s to make up for “additional costs incurred to support charging a broad range of vehicles and adjustments to our sites to accommodate these vehicles,” Tesla said in a blog post.

In February, the company announced its plan to open a portion of its network of charging stations to other manufacturers’ vehicles, in order to align with the Biden administration’s plan to create a national grid of over 100,000 public chargers. 

Tesla, which has more than 40,000 Superchargers worldwide, began opening its network to non-Tesla drivers in Europe in 2021.

S&P Global Mobility estimates that, as of January 2023, there were roughly 16,822 Superchargers and Tesla destination chargers in the US. 

It’s not clear how many are now brand-agnostic. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

Tesla has promised to open up 3,500 new and existing superchargers nationwide by the end of 2024, along with 4,000 Level 2 charging docks. 

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