Ryan Reynolds Offers Chance To Win Tickets To Next Year’s Super Bowl

Ryan Reynolds is looking to cause a last minute stir on Super Bowl Sunday. In a YouTube video released just hours ago, the Hollywood A-lister claims that he’s been so busy tending to other football lately that he nearly forgot about today’s big game involving American Football. But he’s willing to make good on the oversight by offering fans of his Aviation Gin a chance to win two tickets to Super Bowl LVIII, which will be held next year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The contest will be active during both 2-minute warnings of tonight’s game (a stoppage that occurs when the clock hits “2:00” near the end of each half of football). Reynolds instructs viewers—21 and over, of course—to head over to 2GinuteWarning.com, where you can learn more details about entry. Just don’t expect to get a head start; as of now, the site simply shows a gif of the actor mockingly shaking his finger at the overeager.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he says mockingly, à la Dennis Nedry, the nefarious computer programmer from Jurassic Park. “It’s not the 2 gin-ute warning yet!”

As of now, it’s not entirely clear how the contest will work when it goes live—although representatives of the brand assure me it’s not a joke. This tracks, since Aviation is the official gin sponsor of the NFL. But while you’re waiting, the site encourages you to redeem $5 off your next bottle with a coupon code it offers in partnership with Drizly.

In the 80-second commercial, Reynolds’ comedic chops assume a signature improvisational tone. But when it comes to his entrepreneurial acumen, his moves have been impressively calculated. Just two years after becoming a “co-owner” of Aviation back in 2018, he oversaw a $610 million dollar sale of its parent company, Davos Brands, to Diageo.

Although the specifics of the deal were never made public, Reynolds presumably received financial incentives for maintaining an active role in the promotion of Aviation. It’s certainly a role he seems to relish—having fun in a series of videos released throughout the calendar year, typically tied to some sort of holiday.

And Aviation’s connection to pro football is even more intimate than what you might surmise from the video. Yes, Reynolds alludes to the fact that he recently purchased a European football team, a venture chronicled in his ongoing series, Welcome To Wrexham. But long before Reynolds was kicking around his business bonafides, the gin he now touts was backed by NFL legend Joe Montana. In fact, the Hall of Fame Quarterback’s involvement with the brand stretches back more than a decade, making it one of the original celebrity spirits brands.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a gin-backed refreshment during today’s game, Aviation has also released a couple of easy recipes including the American Mule: a serving of the spirit, over ice, topped with lime juice and ginger beer, garnished with a slice of lime in a copper mug.

Watch the full video below:

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