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Here’s what ‘Ripple, The Movie’ would be like, according to David Schwartz and ChatGPT

Ripple CTO, David Schwartz has published a logline, a short version of the dramatic and logical essence of a possible movie script about a crypto company, written by ChatGPT at his request. By enlisting the help of artificial intelligence, Schwartz managed to fit the whole gist into a single sentence.

The brief plot of “Ripple, The Movie,” as the blockchain developer has dubbed it, sounds like this:

When a scrappy financial startup takes on a web of corruption and betrayal to bring instant payments to the masses, they learn that the cost of disrupting the status quo is higher than they couldĀ  ever have imagined, forcing them to decide between their vision and their survival.

As you can see, the centerpiece of “Ripple, The Movie” is the story surrounding the company’s legal battle with the SEC, and more specifically, ETHGate. As told by U.Today earlier, ETHGate is the theory that entities associated with Ethereum have to resort to conspiring with regulators, like the SEC, to push back competitors. As a result, XRP is believed to have lost its position in the crypto market, while ETH has gained.

What is not clear in the logline is that ChatGPT calls Ripple a scrappy start-up. Judging from the latest news and reports, it can be said that the company is doing well and can hardly be called such a word. Thus, it is possible that, in this way, the artificial intelligence wanted to add drama to the story and make Ripple in this interpretation a kind of David confronting the corrupted regulatory Goliath.

SEC v. Ripple documentary

Although “Ripple, The Movie” is so far a figment of Schwartz’s and ChatGPT’s joint imagination, rumors of a possible movie about the company have surfaced before. In the first half of 2022, for example, it was reported that content platform MContent was preparing a documentary about the SEC’s case against Ripple.

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