‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Predicts World Economy Collapse: Details


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Prominent investor and Bitcoin supporter shares what stages of global economy collapse he expects to see in near future


In a recently published tweet, Robert Kiyosaki, a famous real estate investor in the past, Bitcoin supporter and author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book on financial self-education, stated that he believes the world economy is going to face a collapse soon.

Just recently, Kiyosaki shared a prediction that, within the next few years, the flagship cryptocurrency on the market will surge to the $500,000 price level.

“Economy on the verge of collapse,” here’s Kiyosaki’s solution

The popular author of financial literature said that, in the near future, the world can expect runs on banks and people to get their savings frozen. He believes that buying silver coins is a way out of the current situation, and it will help average people be “prepared for what is coming.”

Earlier Kiyosaki already mentioned silver as a worthy, in his view, asset to buy. Each coin costs $25, he said. Silver is worth buying, according to him, as it is widely used in various industries, and in the future, Kiyosaki expects its use to only increase.

Aside from silver, he also favors physical gold and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin to reach $500,000, per Kiyosaki

As reported by U.Today earlier, prominent investor and vocal Bitcoin supporter Kiyosaki suggested that by 2025, the leading cryptocurrency, BTC, might be worth as much as $500,000. The price of gold may reach $5,000, per the same tweet.

The reason for that, per the financial expert, is that the Federal Reserve has been printing a lot of “fake dollars” over the past two years. In 2020, when the pandemic kicked off, the U.S. government printed over $6 trillion, bailing out banks and large businesses and providing “survival checks” to ordinary taxpayers to support them throughout a difficult time.

He also made an ominous forecast that a crash is coming to the U.S. economy, and even a depression is possible.

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