Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream: Watch the Copa del Ray


The Copa del Ray continues today with the second semi-final kicking off at 3 pm ET. Pitting Real Madrid vs Barcelona, this is going to be the kind of match you’d expect from the final and sure to be a true must-watch. If you’re keen to see how things unfold between the two sporting giants, read on while we look at the best way to watch the Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream. The best live TV streaming services aren’t necessarily the solution here, and while there’s no way to watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona for free, we still have insight into what to do.

Watch the Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream on ESPN Plus


ESPN+ is dominating soccer coverage right now and that includes having the exclusive rights to Real Madrid vs Barcelona and all of the Copa del Ray. It costs just $10 per month and gives you access to many major soccer tournaments and league games from around the world, along with NCAA basketball games, XFL football, and access to the full 30 for 30 documentary series. 30 for 30 offers fantastic deep insight into sports and is a great addition for any sports lover. While there’s no ESPN free trial, if you’re keen to get the best value, spend $13 per month and sign up for the Disney Bundle. For the price, you get monthly subscriptions to Disney+ and Hulu as well as ESPN+ so there’s a ton of great entertainment to keep the whole family happy. Check out the best shows on Hulu and best movies on Disney+ to see what we mean.

Watch the Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream from abroad with a VPN

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When traveling abroad, you may have noticed your streaming services don’t follow you. Crossing borders means you often get different content and in some cases, the streaming service locks you out, despite paying for it. Use one of the best VPNs and this won’t be an issue anymore. NordVPN is the one we recommend as it offers an intuitive app that takes seconds to use. You simply choose a US-based server to connect to and the VPN convinces the streaming service that you’re still back home so you can watch the Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream without a problem. It also offers extensive security and privacy protections that are perfect while you’re accessing the hotel’s Wi-Fi. There’s a form of NordVPN free trial if you want to check it out before committing to an annual plan.

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