Orbs’ dTWAP Order Now Available on Pangolin DEX

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Vladislav Sopov

Pangolin, high-performance Avalanche-based DEX, now supports dTWAP order type


Pangolin, one of the oldest and most popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges on Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, implements a game-changing type of order for all of its customers.

Orbs’ dTWAP order becomes accessible to Pangolin traders

According to the official announcement shared by Orbs Network, a high-performance execution layer for various blockchains, its decentralized time-weighted average price order (dTWAP) is now available on Pangolin, an Avalanche-based DEX.

This type of trading order works like a TWAP order on forex, stocks and commodities trading platforms. With TWAP, large orders are split into smaller sub-orders, reducing the price impact regardless of overall liquidity. TWAP implementation removes the risks of price slippage that are irritating for the majority of trading strategies.

A new type of order can be accessed in Pangolin DEX; its button is located next to “Market” and “Limit” so that users are able to switch between different types of orders and choose an appropriate flexible trading strategy.

When submitting an order of the dTWAP type, a user can set various parameters: the total duration of the order, the size of each trade (therefore, the number of sub-orders), as well as the trading interval between different orders.

In December 2022, dTWAP by Orbs Network was integrated by SpiritSwap while two DEXes, SpookySwap and QuickSwap, are in the process of integration.

Building go-to standard for DeFi industry: What is Orbs?

As covered by U.Today previously, since mid-December, ORBS token of Orbs Network is natively available on The Open Network (TON) blockchain.

dTWAP integration by a mainstream DEX is yet another step toward the status of “DeFi gold standard” for Orbs Network (ORBS). With dTWAP, crypto holders can work with more sophisticated decentralized applications regardless of the fragmented liquidity they provide.

Also, Orbs Network provides a “decentralized backend” for NFT, DeFi, play-to-earn and GameFi applications of various types: exchanges, games, trading bots, wallets and so on.

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