Oraichain Collaborates With TRON To Support Next Generation of AI Developers


In order to empower the next generation of AI developers, Oraichain has teamed with TRON. Artificial intelligence has now entered the mainstream. Together, via education, incubation, and technological integrations, we will endeavor to secure the future of decentralized AI.

We are happy to announce that Oraichain and TRON have entered into a formal partnership with the aim of enhancing smart contract capabilities and developing new use cases. With education, incubation, and technical integrations for developers, our alliance secures the future of decentralized AI and equips them to create cutting-edge solutions that make use of and harness Artificial Intelligence.

The alliance between Oraichain and TRON represents a critical turning point in the advancement of blockchain technology, and the incorporation of AI is anticipated to completely transform the sector. Solutions based only on the blockchain are seen as innovative and disruptive. Oraichain and TRON are laying the foundation for a future in which decentralized AI is the norm by giving developers the resources they need to build cutting-edge AI-powered products.

With this collaboration, Oraichain and TRON will seek to establish a network of programmers, financiers, and enthusiasts that are passionate about the possibilities of blockchain and AI. Both will provide training tools to assist developers in learning more about the technology and how to incorporate it into their projects, with the aim of enhancing smart contract functionality and developing new use cases.

By enabling developers to create cutting-edge AI-powered applications, the alliance is expected to transform the blockchain sector and highlight Oraichain and TRON’s dedication to cutting-edge, decentralized technology. Their shared goal is to raise awareness of the potential of AI and blockchain, recruit talented AI developers, and bring Oraichain’s AI technology to the TRON Network.

Oraichain has made a commitment to provide AI Oracle services for smart contracts across several chains ever since it was founded. The goal has expanded as the network has grown, and as a result, Oraichain’s infrastructure now includes all the components needed to sustain an open economy for AI and data. Decentralized file storage, AI & crowdsourced data annotation, model training & test cases, on-chain execution, a data and AI marketplace, and the capability to submit models to AI Oracle are all included in this.

Oraichain is prepared to carry out its responsibilities as the global center for decentralized AI. We anticipate that our partnership with TRON will help us draw in more independent AI developers, cultivate talent, and provide new features that are compatible with TVM smart contracts.

Hackathon Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Tung Do, CEO of Oraichain Labs US, will join the panel of judges for this year’s HackaTRON season 4 competition, which started on February 1, 2023. One of the largest hackathons in the blockchain sector, DeFi, GameFi, Web3, NFTs, and other tracks have attracted more than 2300 participants over the course of the last three seasons.

AI for TRON Network: AI Oracle and AI & Data Marketplace

In order to enable AI capabilities for smart contracts on the TRON Network, Oraichain will endeavor to assure TVM compliance and provide documentation in the upcoming AI Oracle Client SDK. Developers will have the chance to investigate novel use cases in a data and AI ecosystem while using a completely decentralized infrastructure to guarantee the highest level of openness for data sources, model correctness, execution, and royalty distribution.

Cross-chain Bridge

TRC20 token compatibility will be added by Oraichain to OraiBridge, enabling quick and safe asset transfers between Oraichain and the TRON Network. As a result, OraiDEX will have the chance to provide brand-new asset combinations, and exciting new cross-chain DeFi possibilities will become available. Moreover, this will be the first bridge between the TRON and IBC ecosystems, increasing the potential for diversity in both ecosystems.

Join TRON and Oraichain in celebrating this momentous cooperation, and keep a watch out for additional activations and events!

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