One of Best Traders on Binance Says He Remains ‘Long and Strong’ wafact

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Arman Shirinyan

One of best traders on biggest platform out there believes market will keep on growing

A recent tweet from renowned trader “Tree of Alpha” reveals that he remains “long and strong,” despite the unexpected turmoil on the cryptocurrency market. The sudden correction wiped out around $100 billion from the global market capitalization and caused the liquidation of nearly $500 million worth of orders on derivatives trading platforms.

This extreme market fluctuation may have deterred some traders from participating in the market, as the heightened volatility creates an unfavorable environment for trading. However, “Tree of Alpha,” a top-tier trader on Binance, continues to maintain his bullish stance, even as the majority of assets return to their pre-dump price ranges.

The unexpected market correction took many investors by surprise and resulted in significant losses for some. The rapid decline in market capitalization and the subsequent liquidation of orders on derivatives trading platforms are clear indicators of the precarious nature of the current market. Despite these unfavorable conditions, seasoned traders like “Tree of Alpha” remain undeterred and continue to seek opportunities for growth and profit.

It is worth noting that experienced traders often adopt a long-term perspective when navigating the volatile cryptocurrency market. This approach allows them to weather short-term fluctuations and maintain their positions during periods of uncertainty. “Tree of Alpha” appears to be following this strategy, as he maintains his long position and remains “strong” even in the face of market turmoil.

The swift recovery of the majority of assets to their pre-dump price ranges suggests that the market may be stabilizing. This could provide a more favorable environment for traders who adopt a long-term perspective, as it allows them to capitalize on potential growth opportunities. Tree of Alpha’s unwavering bullish stance may serve as an example for other traders looking to navigate the unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

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