Justin Sun Puts $33 Million on Aave Lending Pool, Here’s Why

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Arman Shirinyan

Justin Sun moves funds to Aave Lending Pool, which could reflect ex Tron CEO’s desire to avoid volatility on market

Justin Sun, the former CEO of Tron, has made a significant transfer of $33 million USDC to Aave Lending Pool v2. The transfer was noticed by blockchain security firm PeckShield, which revealed that the origin of the assets was the Poloniex exchange, where Sun received USDC two years ago. This move by Sun highlights his approach to managing his crypto assets and keeping them secure while also maximizing returns.

One of the reasons behind Sun’s transfer to Aave could be tied to his desire to earn interest from USDT while not exposing himself to the volatility of assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and others. Currently, the crypto market is facing a lot of uncertainty, with most market analysts predicting a correction, making Sun’s strategy of moving funds to a lending pool a prudent one.

In recent times, Sun has been making a large number of transfers to different destinations, which could indicate that he is taking profits off of his previously opened positions. This move also aligns with the trend of many crypto investors seeking to take advantage of yield farming opportunities in DeFi, which can provide attractive returns without the risk of holding volatile assets.

By transferring funds to Aave, Sun is not only taking advantage of the lending pool’s yield-generating capabilities but also demonstrating his trust in the platform. Aave has a reputation for being one of the safest DeFi protocols, with a solid track record of providing stable returns to its users without facing security problems.

Sun’s transfer of $33 million USDC to Aave Lending Pool v2 highlights his astute approach to managing his crypto assets. By taking advantage of the yield-generating capabilities of DeFi protocols like Aave, Sun is able to earn passive income while avoiding volatility.

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