John McAfee’s GHOST Coin Dumps Cardano (ADA) for Polygon (MATIC)

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Yuri Molchan

Privacy coin created based on idea of now-passed John McAfee has chosen to switch from Cardano to Polygon


The developer team of the Ghost coin has taken to its Twitter handle @GhostbyMcAfee to announce that it has decided to stop developing its two-way bridge on the Cardano chain and focus on building on Polygon instead.

The reasons behind this decision were not revealed. A Twitter user mentioned in the comments that he believes Cardano has the best staking system, so it is a pity that Ghost decided to opt for Polygon rather than Cardano.

John McAfee’s “Ghost” projects: Coin, Phone Service, DEX

GHOST is a proof-of-stake privacy coin created by the late crypto mogul John McAfee in 2020 on Ethereum’s ERC20, along with the Ghost chain, after launching his own decentralized exchange, McAfeeDEX, in 2019.

Back then, the former antivirus magnate also announced the upcoming launch of Ghost McAfee phone data service that would help users to stay anonymous while making phone calls and make it impossible to trace their phones. He also wanted to add “Ghost” to the title of this McAfeeDEX.

All of the aforementioned things were meant to be working under the same brand name “GhostbyMcAfee.” However, the Intel giant sued John for using his own name. The thing is that after he created the first antivirus program in the world and named it after himself, he then sold to Intel his “McAfee IT Security” company. Therefore, John was not allowed to use the name “McAfee” in relation to his own new products.

McAfee passes away, GHOST keeps building

In 2021, McAfee sadly committed suicide in a Spanish prison where he had been waiting to be extradited to the U.S. on charges of long-term tax evasion. He took his life by hanging, although his widow, Janice McAfee, insists that it was not a suicide. Prior to that, he was arrested in Barcelona in 2020 by the local police.

After the death of the crypto mogul at 75, the project continues to develop.

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