How to watch the 2023 Women’s Word Cup


The world was very different the last time someone other than the U.S. won the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Steve Jobs was still alive. Google+ was a thing. The iPad was a baby. Someone left an iPhone 4 in a bar. Facebook was getting ready to go public. Someone was really trying to make 3D TV and phones a thing.

So, yeah, a lot has changed since Japan hoisted the trophy in 2011 (the U.S. lost that final in penalties, for what it’s worth).

Most of all, though, is that it’s easier than ever to watch the Women’s World Cup. And not just the final, but every single game. And we’ve got everything you need to know about how to do exactly that.

FIFA Women's World Cup info in the Fox Sports app.

When is the 2023 Women’s World Cup?

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is scheduled to kick off with group play on July 20, 2023. You’ll need to take a little care when perusing the schedule, however, and make sure you’re looking at things in your local time zone. That’s because games are being played in Australia and New Zealand, so the International Date Line could come into play.

For instance: A game that’s being played at 9 p.m. ET on July 20 in Auckland, New Zealand, actually is being played at 3 p.m. July 21 in New Zealand. It can quickly become a little confusing. So the important thing is to look for something that says “your local time.” Both the FIFA and Fox Sports websites show the schedules in your local time zone.

When do the U.S. women play?

The U.S. Women’s National Team, like everyone else in the tournament, is guaranteed three matches in group play. The U.S. is in Group E, along with Vietnam, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Here’s the full group stage schedule for the U.S.. All times are Eastern.

  • USA vs. Vietnam, July 21, 9 p.m. Eastern at Eden Park in Auckland
  • USA vs. Netherlands, July 26, 9 p.m. Eastern at Wellington, New Zealand
  • USA vs. Portugal, August 1, 3 a.m. Eastern at Eden Park in Auckland

How to watch the Women’s World Cup

Just like the FIFA Men’s World Cup, every game of the women’s tournament will be available on Fox networks. Specifically, that means the Fox broadcast channel, which is available over the air, on cable an satellite, and on most every streaming platform. Same goes for FS1. Matches also will be available in the Fox Sports app.

Fox hasn’t updated which games will be on which channels just yet.

When are the Women’s World Cup finals?

Like the men’s tournament, the FIFA Women’s World Cup wraps up after about a month of play.

The two semifinals are scheduled for August 15 and 16. The third-place game is scheduled for August 19. And the 2023 Women’s World Cup final is scheduled for August 20 from Sydney.

The final will be another early-morning match for those of us in North America, with the game scheduled for 6 a.m. ET. That’s 3 a.m. on the West Coast.

What’s the best streaming service for the World Cup?

That’s kind of a personal question. If you’re already a subscriber of YouTube TV — which is the most popular streaming service in the U.S., you’re good to go. It has all the Fox channels — and you should even be able to watch all the games in 4K resolution.

If you’re looking for a new streaming service with which to watch the Women’s World Cup, you’ve got some other options, too.

Sling TV is going to be the least expensive. It starts at $40 a month for the Sling Blue plan, which is the one you want to be sure to get because it has FS1 in addition to Fox proper. Note that you may have to pay an extra $5 a month in some markets to get that local Fox broadcast.

Another good option is FuboTV. It’s a good bit more expensive, starting at $75 a month. But it has Fox and FS1 — and you should be able to watch games in 4K resolution there, too.

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