Hogwarts Legacy: Solved by the Bell quest guide

While you’re technically at Hogwarts to attend classes and study to be a proper witch or wizard, that’s only a small part of what you actually do in Hogwarts Legacy. Aside from the main quest and simply exploring the wizarding world, there are tons of sidequests you can take on for XP, loot, and more. While some are on the more simple side, many of these diversions are rather complex, especially in the types of puzzles they present you with. The Solved by the Bell quest isn’t only easy to miss, but it’s also even harder to solve. Here’s a full walkthrough of this quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to start Solved by the Bell

A map with musical notes on the bottom.

Before you can access this quest, you will need to have unlocked and gotten your own broomstick. Once you have one and are free to soar the skies, you will need to travel all the way to the south of the map to Henrietta’s Hideaway in the Manor Cape region. It is a hidden area, so you will need to get close to it to uncover it if you haven’t been there yet.

Once you arrive, make sure you’re ready for some tough enemies. The Ashwinders in this area can be anywhere around level 30 to almost level 40, so don’t rush to this quest if you aren’t prepared. Once the area is clear, head down the steps and enter the large doors.

Solved by the Bell walkthrough

The first room you enter is a bit of a puzzle. The way ahead is locked, and in the room are two platforms on the floor and one movable cube, but two will be required. To get the second, find the unlit brazier and use any fire spell to light it up. This will spin a pillar and reveal the second cube you need.

The simple solution is that you just need to use a spell such as Accio to move the cube onto the platform that has an icicle symbol on it and cast Glacius on the cube. With that done, you should position the second cube on the other platform with the flame symbol on it and cast Incendio. This will let you pass to the next area.

There will be a bit more fighting ahead, plus a shifting bridge of sorts that you just need to cast Arresto Momentum on to cross safely. After one more combat encounter, you will find a hidden passageway on the right wall that holds a map with music symbols on it. You can cast Revelio to make it easier to see which wall you need to approach to find the secret area. Collecting the map is technically what starts the Solved by the Bell quest. Your quest will update at this point, but you will only be told that you need to “use the Musical Map to find the treasure,” so you’re on your own to not only find the location on the map, but also solve the musical puzzle.

Solved by the Bell puzzle solution

A wizard shooting bells with magic.

Let’s get the easy part out of the way first. The location shown on the map you need to go to is Clagmar Castle. This is located not far to the east of Manor Cape, so either fly or fast travel over. There are more Ashwinders here that you will need to clear out, and then you’ll need to find the tower with nine bells on it in two vertical columns. If you’re lost, casting Revelio will highlight them for you so you know which way to go.

As you could probably guess, the puzzle presented to you is to hit the right bells in the right order based on the musical notes provided on the map. Naturally, not everyone knows how to read music, but thankfully, each bell you hit does illuminate magical notes below the bells so that you could, in theory, brute force the solution by hitting each bell, marking down what note they make, and then cross-referencing that with the map. Or, you could just follow these steps for a much quicker and easier time.

This is the order you need to hit the bells with your basic magic attack:

  • The bottom bell on the right side
  • The third bell from the top on the left side
  • The second bell from the top on the left side
  • The second bell from the top on the right side
  • The third bell from the top on the left (again)
  • The top bell on the left
  • The top bell on the right
  • The second bell from the top on the right (again)

Once you’ve hit them all, the bells with ring in that order again in a rhythm that, if you hadn’t picked up on it already, will be very familiar to fans of the films. Once the little chime is done, a treasure chest will appear beside you. Pop it open to complete the quest and gather your rewards. You will get the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat, which is a cosmetic gear type you can use to change other gear’s appearance with, 400 Galleons, and 180 XP.

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