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Amazon has a great offer taking place right now if you take advantage of food delivery services. If this is the case, and if you’re an Amazon Prime Member or would like to sign up to be one, you’ll get an entire year of Grubhub+ for free. This is a pretty amazing offer, as a Grubhub+ subscription would regularly cost $10 per month, making this offer worth a savings of $120. Additionally, Prime Members can save 20% on an order of more than $20 from now until February 14. And yes, you can pair it with today’s big event, so if you’re planning to watch Super Bowl 2023, this can save you some money on the food for the viewing party.

Why you should get a Grubhub+ subscription

The convenience many of the best food delivery service apps offer has become quite prominent over the last few years, and with more and more people working remotely, and with more and more people finding themselves with less time for details on their hands, subscribing to a service like Grubhub+ is worth considering. Most food delivery services work by charging you a delivery fee on top of the cost of your order, but with a Grubhub+ subscription you’re eliminating delivery fees entirely on orders of more than $12 in favor of the monthly subscription cost. This makes it especially appealing for people who have food delivered more often than others, as using it just two or three times per month would make it worth its monthly fee.

Some other great perks of a Grubhub+ subscription include easy restaurant searches within the Grubhub app, rewards with every order, and donation matching, which allows you to donate your change to a charity at checkout and have Grubhub match every cent of the donation. Because this deal is paired with an Amazon Prime Membership, it’s good to recognize the benefits of that as well. Amazon Prime Members get free delivery for purchases made on Amazon, with many other perks as well, including access to Amazon Prime Video and all of its great content.

While a Grubhub+ subscription would regularly cost $10 per month, it’s entirely free for one year for Amazon Prime Members, making this offer worth a savings of $120. Additionally, once you activate your Grubhub+ subscription through Amazon you can save 20% on an order of more than $20 until February 14.

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