Gamma Launches No-Code Creator Platform for Bitcoin NFTs

  • Gamma, a pioneer in no-code creator tooling, has announced the launching of a no-code platform for Bitcoin NFTs. 
  • Gamma’s platform significantly simplifies the process of creating ordinal inscriptions.

Gamma, the leading marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs based on the Stacks programming layer for Bitcoin, has rolled out a no-code creator platform for NFTs on native Bitcoin using ordinals. 

While inscribing or tokenizing digital artifacts like images, text, and art is easy on most Web3 platforms, they were certainly not on Bitcoin until now. Gamma’s platform makes creating ordinals simple and accessible to anyone with a Bitcoin address. 

Most Bitcoin maximalists dislike where the network is headed with ordinals; however, Gamma continues to embrace the future of web3 at Bitcoin with ordinals.

NFTs, Now Possible with Bitcoin Ordinals.

Adding NFTs to the Bitcoin mainnet has brought the network’s perception into question for Bitcoin Maxis. Some have gone as far as claiming the introduction of ordinals is a threat to Bitcoin’s identity as a ‘means to instantly transfer money.’

However, that is not the case for Gamma. For those late to the party, each Bitcoin is equivalent to 100 million Satoshis. Ordinals are data inscriptions linked to individual satoshis.  

Ordinals allowed users to inscribe digital data like images, text, or art onto a single satoshi. However, creating inscriptions is highly technical, complex, and time-consuming, so Gamma’s no-code platform is necessary for the current market. 

Gamma’s platform previously allowed users to deploy no-code smart contracts in minutes. Now users can instantly inscribe digital content using the platform’s creator tools. Today, Gamma supports over a thousand NFT collections, nearly 80% deployed using its portal. 

Jamil Dhanani, CEO and Founder of Gamma, shared,

"We're excited to take this step in furthering the adoption of NFTs on the most secure blockchain, Bitcoin. Ordinals make NFTs possible natively on the Bitcoin base layer, and our no-code creator platform makes ordinals accessible to anyone with a Bitcoin address. Paired with our creator launchpad on the Stacks programming and scaling layer for Bitcoin, the Bitcoin NFT creator experience is finally ready for mainstream adoption — without sacrificing superior levels of security, trust, and decentralization that only Bitcoin can offer."

Bitcoin ordinals are a huge network breakthrough because they add more utility and use cases. The introduction of smart contracts and NFTs on Ethereum led to a revolution of DeFi projects, Web3 games, metaverse platforms, and more. Ordinals on Bitcoin could lead to a similar future now that users can inscribe content onto tokens. However, that would be a tough pill to swallow for Maximalists. 


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