Game Platform Unity Upholds Web3 With Decentralization Category


  • Unity added a decentralization category to its asset store.
  • 13 distinct blockchain-based SDKs from chains and goods are now supports by Unity.

Unity, one of the most popular game advancement engines for creating 3D game environments, has added a “decentralization” category to its asset store. On the website, there are 13 various verified solutions that Unity claims to have authorized for developer use. 

Algorand, Aptos Labs, Dapper Labs, ImmutableX, Solana, Tezos, and ConsenSys products Infura and MetaMask are includes in the virtual toolbox, though the full roster can be found in Unity’s official announcement.

Unity seeks to give game developers the tools they need to connect with Web3 gaming, a growing cryptocurrency market. Developers can integrate blockchain technologies like non-fungible tokens (NFTs). And the metaverse to improve gaming experiences using the decentralization storefront in the Unity Asset Store.

As per reports, Unity will only certify Web3 tools that it considers legitimate, dependable, and developing. The tools are created by publicly visible companies, have dependable features and support, and are constantly maintain by their developers. 

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