Ex-Ripple Executive Has No Doubt in Ethereum (ETH) and Regulator Conspiracy


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Matt Hamilton is convinced Ethereum (ETH) and SEC conspiracy theories are true

Former director of developer relations at Ripple Matt Hamilton has expressed his opinion on ETHGate, which is the theory that Ethereum, in a conspiracy with regulators, was given the green light while investigations have been initiated against XRP and several other cryptocurrencies.

Hamilton said he never doubted the plausibility of the claim. At the same time, the blockchain figure said he believes some people are overblowing certain aspects when, for example, they talk about a conspiracy of global elites around XRP. “The emails will be interesting to read,” Hamilton summed up, alluding to the files of former SEC chief William Hinman, which may contain evidence of a conspiracy.

Hinman mail, SEC and Ethereum (ETH)

Recall that in late 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission sent a petition to the court requesting that these documents be sealed, stating that they were irrelevant to the court’s decision in the summary judgment. Along with this came rumors that the SEC might agree to a settlement with Ripple to avoid disclosure of Hinman’s emails.

Previously, another Ripple executive, CTO David Schwartz, also expressed his belief in a conspiracy between the regulator and Ethereum-affiliated entities. Schwartz then justified his position by arguing that to keep XRP out and give freedom to ETH would require special knowledge and in-depth expertise, which he believes officials do not possess.

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