Disadvantages Of Living Abroad (And How To Overcome Them)

You may also need a permanent address and a bank account in your new home country before you can even apply for a job. In other words, you may need to apply for several things, and even be living in your new country, before you can begin your job hunt.

Also bear in mind that labour laws in other countries may be less comprehensive, meaning you could be released from your employment with little or no notice, and with no legal recourse.

This includes situations where you may be unable to work due to long term sickness, injury or disability. Many countries do not have adequate sick pay laws, meaning your income could be affected if you are unable to work.

What can you do about it?

Before moving to any new country, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the employment laws. You will need to such things as:

  • How to get a working visa, and when you will need to renew it, or upgrade to permanent residency status
  • Which boxes you’ll need to tick to apply for a job, e.g. a local bank account, a permanent address, or a language test
  • The local employment laws, and how to seek legal help if you need it
  • The state of the local job market – is unemployment high in your field? Would it be easy or hard to find another job if you needed one?
  • What are the sick pay laws in your new country? If you get sick or injured, will your employer provide a safety net?

If you think your employment could be at risk, or it may be hard for you to find stable work, you may want to consider global income protection insurance. It could provide a cash windfall if you fall on hard times, helping you and your family to stay afloat until you’re back in work.

Be sure to vet any employer you choose to work for overseas. You need to understand their policies with regard to your contract of employment, especially when it comes to sick pay.

Some employers may be willing to support your visa application when you choose to live abroad, and some will even help you find a residence and open a bank account, which could make it easier for you.

In any case, staying on top of your finances is very important when living abroad. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have cash set aside in case you find yourself between jobs.

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