David Gokhshtein: Who is Dogecoin’s Latest Champion?

While David Gokhshtein may have bitten off more than he can chew by claiming himself to be the “unofficial leader of $SHIB”, the young entrepreneur is becoming a prominent cryptocurrency influencer.

While Gokhsthein has always been bullish on Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain in general, he’s recently turned his social media attention to meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. This has been met with degrees of sarcasm from the SHIB community and the wider ecosystem, leading us to ask some important questions.

Who exactly is David Gokhshtein? Does this former entrepreneur offer reliable investment advice?

David Gokhshtein Before Cryptocurrency

Long before becoming a well-known Bitcoin and Ethereum investor, David Gokhshtein was always an entrepreneur at heart. He studied Accounting and Finance at Brooklyn College in New York, which would prepare him for his career in the cryptocurrency market.

After his studies, Gokhshtein dived straight into the financial industry and wasted no time securing high-level positions. According to his Linkedin profile, Gokhshtein held the position of Finance Director at several firms in the automotive industry.

In 2018, David Gokhshtein was invited to join the Forbes Financial Council, an exclusive network for thought leaders and senior-level executives in the financial industry. A blockchain and digital currency advocate, Gokhshtein shared insightful content about the growth and application of crypto in modern business.

Crypto Founder or DOGE Influencer?

Like many before him, the entrepreneur naturally found his way into the world of digital assets. While having been involved in the cryptocurrency market since the early 2010s, it wasn’t until 2018 that Gokhshtein went into crypto full-time.

David Gokhshtein launched his own personal website, where he would share BTC and ETH analysis for informational purposes. During this period, he was also the co-founder and host of the ‘Crypto Mamba Podcast’.

These days, Gokhshtein is best known for his social media personality and meme coin shills. He’s a devout supporter of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and foresees DOGE breaking previous all-time highs. What’s more, he’s hinted he will delete his Twitter account if SHIB ever hits $0.01.

Following the success of Gokhshtein’s earlier website and podcast, Gokhshtein Media was born. The company shares crypto news, such as the FTX insolvency and LUNA collapse, and provides services for blockchain businesses, including marketing packages and Gokhshtein Media merchandise.

In an attempt to expand his Web 3 network and community, Gokhshtein launched a free NFT collection. The G3VRSE Pass is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that give holders access to a network of like-minded enthusiasts.

While the advertised benefits give holders merchandise and discounts on Gokhshtein Media Services, community members also share information about their favorite altcoins, like $DOGE, $XRP and $LTC.

Discussions with the G3VRSE aren’t only limited to crypto. Community members come from a variety of backgrounds and have free reign to discuss everything from potential business models to Tesla stock.

In many cases, crypto influencers are more interested in attracting social media engagement and growing their brand, rather than sharing good investment advice.

David Gokhshtein is a crypto influencer with a growing network of followers. In the cryptocurrency market, it’s important to understand someone’s motives before following their advice or paying for their services.

What is David Gokhshtein’s occupation?

David Gokhshtein is a cryptocurrency influencer and founder of Ghokhshtein Media. He is also the founder of the G3VRSE NFT collection.

Who has David Gokhshtein partnered with?

According to his Twitter profile, Gokhshtein has partnered with CashApp to help share educational resources about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Why does David Gokhshtein believe in DOGE and SHIB?

Gokhshtein believes that meme coins like DOGE and SHIB have powerful narratives that may see them rise in value in the future.

Did David Gokhshtein run for Congress?

Yes, Gokhshtein once ran for election to represent New York’s 1st Congressional District. He withdrew before the Republican primary in 2020.

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