Crypto investors under attack by new malware, reveals Cisco Talos By Cointelegraph


Anti-malware software Malwarebytes highlighted two new malicious computer programs propagated by unknown sources actively targeting crypto investors in a desktop environment.

Since December 2022, the two malicious files in question — MortalKombat ransomware and Laplas Clipper malware — have been actively scouting the internet and stealing cryptocurrencies from unwary investors, revealed the threat intelligence research team, Cisco (NASDAQ:) Talos. The campaign’s victims are predominantly located in the United States, with a smaller percentage of victims in the United Kingdom, Turkey and the Philippines, as shown below.

Victimology of the malicious campaign. Source: Cisco Talos
Ransom notes shared by MortalKombat ransomware. Source: Cisco Talos
Total value extorted by ransomware attackers between 2017 and 2022. Source: Chainalysis