Check Out What’s New in Uber’s Redesigned App


Your Uber app might look a little different the next time you use it. Uber added some new features and redesigned its app on Feb. 22. Uber’s goal of the redesign and new features is to make the app more convenient and easier to use. 

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The company also said the redesign is the first in a series of updates users will receive over the next few months.

Here’s what’s new in Uber’s app.

New homescreen

A new, simplified homescreen shows you two options near the top of your screen — rides and delivery for things like UberEats. The old version of the app showed you eight options near the top of the screen for things like ride, transit and rent.

Uber's redesigned homescreen showing Rides and Delivery near the top of the screen

Uber’s new redesigned homescreen.


There are also new tabs near the bottom of your screen called Services and Activity. The Services tab shows you all the services available near you, from e-scooters to cocktails and flowers. The Activity tab shows you all your past and upcoming deliveries and other services. Think of it as your order history. 

More personalized options

If you normally take an Uber from work to your house, or you only use Uber Green, the app will now make it easier to select these options. 

When you tap “Where to?” the Uber app will bring up your “Saved Places” for quicker access, and it will show you destinations and ride types based on your past trips. 

The app will also show you recommendations on the homescreen based on your past trips. If you usually reserve your rides in advance, for example, the app will show you other planned options.

New ride tracking on iPhone

Uber Live Activities on a locked iPhone screen.

iPhone users can track their Uber ride right from their Lock Screen.


For iPhone users, the Uber app is also easier to keep track of. The app now supports Live Activities so that people who have iOS 16 or later can keep track of their ride right from the Lock Screen. 

Uber’s app is also taking advantage of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max’s Dynamic Island. When these iPhone 14 models are unlocked, the Dynamic Island will show you the progress of your Uber so you don’t have to switch back and forth between apps. 

To access these new features, make sure your Uber app is updated. Uber will release updates for the app in the coming months, so make sure you check back for the latest features. 

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