Cardano (ADA) Voltaire Era to Be Launched Following Three Major Steps: Details


With plans to become one of the most community-focused blockchain protocols, the Cardano (ADA) network has outlined plans to usher in its long-awaited Voltaire Era following three major steps. As outlined by Nigel Helmsley, Input Output Global’s VP Voltaire said the three steps double as governance pillars and include the MBO, the Constitution and Democratic consent.

The first step, MBO — Member-Based Organization — will serve as the aggregation point for all of the protocol’s community members. According to Nigel, it is the administrator for all governance processes that will enable the continued development of Cardano based on its roadmap.

The Voltaire Era will also be ushered in after the full implementation of the Constitution, which is a set of rules that will create the basis for all community members to abide by. While Cardano looks to transition into a community-operated protocol, there is a need for a set of guiding rules for all participants across the board.

The third step is Democratic Consent, dubbed the technical implementation phase, which will enable wider governance and mass community participation — all made possible through blockchain technology.

Last era on Cardano?

The Cardano protocol is an actively evolving one, and the Voltaire Era can be described as the fifth major era the blockchain has undergone since its inception to date. As highlighted previously by U.Today, the previous eras include the Byron Era, the Shelley Era, the Goguen Era, the Basho Era and, finally, the Voltaire Era.

Whether or not additional eras will be unveiled in the near future is unknown; however, for now, the core developers at IOG said they are working alongside the Cardano Foundation and Emurgo, as well as other major stakeholders in the ecosystem to help fast-track the emergence of this long-awaited era.

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