Cape Town E-Prix Live Stream: Watch the Formula E for FREE

The Cape Town E-Prix event is set to start this Saturday, February 25th. The main event starts at a bright and early 9:03 AM for those of us in Eastern Standard Time, but if you don’t have access to CBS Sports — who has primary coverage of the event — through your cable network, you might be at a loss as to where you can see the event. That’s why we’ve rounded up the four best places to watch, some offering to let you see the race for free, across the net.

Watch the Cape Town E-Prix Live Stream on FuboTV

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FuboTV has a wide variety of sports options, including Formula E sports. One thing that is very unique about FuboTV is that it allows you to personally record live programming to review or watch later. So, take your time and watch the Cape Town E-Prix, but be sure to record some other sporting events during the day while you go about your business for nighttime viewing. There are 100’s of channels to choose from, including ESPN and NBA League Pass, so there’s something to entertain every sports fan in your family. While the service is typically paid for, you can start a FuboTV free trial to see the Cape Town E-Prix for free before choosing a FuboTV subscription plan.

Watch the Cape Town E-Prix Live Stream on Paramount Plus

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Paramount Plus offers access to CBS Sports coverage and, therefore, the Cape Town E-Prix. One of the cool things about watching via Paramount Plus is that you can easily access race replays and highlights through the platform. There’s even expert analysis of the the sports covered. While you’re on the site, you should also check out the tons of other interesting content on Paramount Plus, including NFL games and Champions League soccer. If you haven’t tried the service yet, you can get your first seven days free, which will be enough to watch the full Cape Town E-Prix event. If you like the service, you’re encouraged to continue on to one of the subscription plans, which start at just $5 per month.

Watch the Cape Town E-Prix Live Stream on Hulu with Live TV

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You might already be familiar with streaming movies on Hulu, but you should also get acquainted with their Live TV service. Hulu’s Live Sports selection includes over 85 live and on demand channels, including CBS for your Cape Town E-Prix needs. Hulu With Live TV also includes ESPN, the NFL Network, and NBC Sports channels. One of the nice things about having a Hulu With Live TV subscription is that you are able to watch live on up to two screens simultaneously. This could mean you cheering for your favorite car in one room while your partner cheers on their hometown basketball team in another. Or, maybe you’re watching primarily on your ultrawide monitor in your office but also on your phone as you amble back and forth from the kitchen for snacks. Subscribe and the choice is yours.

Watch the Cape Town E-Prix Live Stream on YouTube with Live TV

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You might be wondering if you can watch the Cape Town E-Prix directly on YouTube. You can with YouTube TV, a television streaming service brought to you in the familiar context of YouTube. It includes a variety of sports channels, including CBS for the Cape Town E-Prix. You’ll also see the ESPN network, NBC sports, and other familiar favorites. If your love for sports goes even further than watching the Cape Town E-Prix live, you can also opt in to the Sports Plus add-on. This includes channels like Fight Network, Billiard TV, and Sports Grid. In any event, try out YouTube TV for free via the offered free trial and watch the Cape Town E-Prix now.

Watch the Cape Town E-Prix Live Stream From Abroad with a VPN

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Here’s a situation: You’ve waited until the world “returned to normal” and finally gone on that trip to a foreign country you’ve been wanting to do for so long. Formula E is important to you, so you decide to take some time to watch the race. It turns out — unless your trip was to Cape Town — seeing the Formula E race might be harder if you’re an American abroad. The reasoning is that streaming services have different rights to stream to users from different parts of the world. Fortunately, you can use a VPN to change your digital location. For this, we recommend NordVPN due to how simple it is to “teleport” across the globe with its interface. It’s also among our picks for best VPN service. It has a reliable network and won’t introduce a ton of buffering or lag to your viewing experience, so it’s a great pick for live events.

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