Artificial urban islands could supply homes in Maldives as waters rise


High-rise cities on two or three reclaimed islands up to 6 metres above sea level could secure the long-term future of the Maldives in the face of climate change


21 February 2023

Hulhumale, a new island in the Maldives

Hulhumalé, a new island in the Maldives built to withstand sea level rise

Xinhua/Alamy Stock Photo

Think of the Maldives and an image of an idyllic white sand beach, fringed with palm trees and beach hammocks, probably springs to mind.

But the future of this nation of 1190 islands may be one of high-rise apartment blocks and skyscraper offices if it is to cope with rising sea levels.

More than 80 per cent of the country’s land area is less than 1 metre above sea level, giving it the lowest terrain of any …

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