Amazon’s Zoox Begins Testing Self-Driving Taxi on Public Roads in California

Zoox, an Amazon-owned company, is testing its driverless taxis on public roads, with passengers. 

The robotaxi was tested last week, with Zoox employees commuting from the company’s headquarters in Foster City, California, to another one of its office buildings in the city. In a blog post on Sunday, Zoox said it took to public roads after receiving a driverless testing permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

In the spring, full-time employees will be able to ride in the self-driving taxi between offices during business hours, Zoox said.

“Getting to be the world’s first passenger in a robotaxi with no manual controls on open public roads … was one of the highlights of my life,” said CTO Jesse Levinson. “I can’t wait for everyone to experience that magic.”

Unlike vehicles used with some other driverless taxi services already offering rides to passengers, Zoox’s pod-shaped conveyance has no controls, steering wheel or pedals. It was made solely for riders, not drivers. 

Zoox said the testing brings the startup “one step closer” to having its robotaxi available to the general public.

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