Abkhazia Authorities Crackdown on Illicit Crypto Mining Operations

  • The administration holds mining responsible for the republic’s worsening electricity crisis.
  • The President has ordered the establishment of a republican headquarters.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the partially recognized republic in northeastern Georgia said in a news release that police in Abkhazia are conducting daily searches to detect mining operations. That have been illegally linked to the power grid and examine previously shut down crypto farms.

To prevent the import of mining gear into the territory, which is still prohibited. The department added it is carefully monitoring the actions of persons and companies offering services. For the supply and maintenance of equipment meant to manufacture digital currency.

In addition, President Aslan Bzhania has ordered the establishment of a republican headquarters to fight illicit crypto mining. It is comprised of the leaders of several government agencies. Such as the Ministry of Economy, State Security Service, Ministry of Interior, State Customs Committee, and others.

Intensive Crackdown on Mining

According to the government press department, Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab, who chairs the committee, has asked that electrical engineers in the area examine all instances of unlawful connections of mining farms to the distribution network.

Ankvab said that the Execs of electric utilities hold personal responsibility for improving the existing situation. And that all illegal installations and the functioning of transformer substations must be eradicated with the support of law enforcement. The prime minister issued a directive to customs agents, telling them to prevent the entry of mining equipment.

Many individuals in Abkhazia have resorted to cryptocurrency mining as a means of supplementing their income in recent years, and the administration now holds this practice responsible for the republic’s worsening electricity crisis due to its energy-intensive operation.

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