235.4 Million Dogecoin Moved by Top-20 DOGE Whales as Elon Musk Made His Crypto Statement


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Yuri Molchan

As Dogecoin trades on dip, two major wallets have shoveled close to 240 million DOGE


According to a report by @DogeWhaleAlert, over the past 16 hours, two crypto transfers have been detected that carried massive lumps of Dogecoin.

Top whales shoveling bags of Dogecoin

The first one was made from one top 20 wallet to another and shifted 123,620,027 DOGE worth $9,523,687. The second transfer was made from an anonymous address to a top 20 crypto wallet. This second chunk contained 111,869,251 DOGE — the equivalent of $8,592,006.

Overall, close to 240 million of the biggest meme coin by market cap has been transferred for fees that are tiny for such amounts of money. The bigger DOGE lump cost 4.51 DOGE ($0.35 USD) to move. The fee for the second transaction totaled 38.25 DOGE ($2.94 USD). This is something no traditional bank can offer its customers and this is one of the massive advantages of crypto over the legacy financial system — the speed of transfers and their low cost.

These transfers of DOGE were made a few hours after a curious tweet published by Elon Musk, which he dedicated to his “shift” from crypto to AI.

Elon Musk makes unexpected crypto-AI statement

On Friday, March 3, prominent DOGE supporter and tech magnate Elon Musk issued a tweet that stated that Musk used to be in crypto but now he is interested in artificial intelligence.

This tweet came after he several times criticized the ChatGPT product of the Open AI company, which Musk helped to found in 2015 but stepped down from the top management three years later over certain disagreements with the rest of the founders.

Now, he finds ChatGPT to be “woke” and believes this is a very bad trend set by Open AI. The tech billionaire is rumored to be gathering scientists to launch a company that would be able to successfully compete with Open AI.

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